Maltese puppies are among the most lovable breed of dogs available for sale. Cute, well behaved and easy to care for, these puppies can frequently be hard to find for sale, because they are in such great demand.

The Maltese is a member of the Bichon family and is one of the oldest European breeds. Maltese dogs are one of the most ancient "lap-dog" breed with their desirable characteristics having been preserved for over 2,000 years.

Maltese puppies are an all-time favorite because of their cute look and friendly demeanor. A Maltese is a small, white breed with an extremely long coat. It is gentle, friendly, clever and affectionate. It makes a charming escort dog as it loves human company. Despite its diminutive size, a Maltese can also be a good watch dog.

Maltese puppies have a single coat which does not shed. Thus, it is a clean dog ideal for those with hair allergies. Its white coat is straight and silky and parted from head to tail and the short tail is doubled into the coat on the back. This beautiful tail is their crowning glory.

Maltese dogs have dark eyes, long drooping ears, and small feet. The ideal maximum height is around 10 inches, and the weight is generally 4 to 9 lbs.

Your Maltese puppy doesn't need extensive training as it is naturally obedient to its beloved master. Basic obedience training will be sufficient. To help keep your dog (and yourself) happy, you can play games with it. Because they love people so much, any time spent interacting with your Maltese puppy just helps to cement the tremendous bond you'll share.

A Maltese also enjoys sunbathing. A daily sunny frolic outdoors helps to keep its nose a healthy, shiny black. Lack of sunlight will cause the Maltese puppy's nose to pale.

The Maltese is a lucky breed of dog that has no genetic, nor congenital health problems, so generally the costs to keep your puppy healthy are few.

When you consider that these puppies are non-shedding AND Hypoallergenic, along with all the other desirable traits they have, you would be hard pressed to find better puppies for sale that the Maltese puppies we offer.

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