About Us

I've been raising Maltese puppies in my home now for over 20 years, and I treat each new addition as if they were going to be mine forever. The only thrill greater than the one I feel when I bring home a cuddly new Maltese puppy is the one I feel when I've found a wonderful, loving home to adopt them. The joy of joining an adorable, affectionate Maltese puppy with a family opening their hearts to a new addition is what has kept me doing this for so long.

All the Maltese puppies I raise come from reputable breeders, and are in excellent health. They have already had their shots and are "wormed." My Maltese puppies are also AKC or ACA registered. I have worked with the same Maltese breeders for many years and have established a long, and wonderful relationship. This means I can choose the litter that I feel offers the very best Maltese puppies. This, of course, means you too can have the very best Maltese puppy available when you are ready to make that new addition to your family.

I specialize in just the Maltese breed. This is the breed I love and the one I know the best. I, personally, feel that Maltese are the most wonderful, adorable and loving dogs you can find, and I love helping people discover and understand that. These dogs have brought me such great joy in my life that I just love spreading that joy to others.

Because of the way I feel about the Maltese puppies that I bring into my home I always make myself available to my adopting parents for as long as they need. If you have a question, or a problem, involving your new Maltes puppy I'm as close as the phone, and always available. I've been doing this so long that there are very few things that could come up that I haven't dealt with before. Think of me as a continuing resource of information about your new family member.

Whether you have had many dogs in your life, or this is a first time experience for you, I can help you understand every little detail of bringing a new family member home and integrating them into your daily life. When you adopt a Maltese puppy from me you can expect a very personal experience. One that you will never get from a pet store that handles a wide variety of pets. I promise that you will never find a better place to adopt your Maltese than right here at my home. Give me a call and let me tell you more, or arrange for a personal meeting between you and the Maltese puppy you'll want to take home. I look forward to hearing from you soon.


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